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Luminix 920


At Newin Institute we use the Silhouet-Tone “Luminix 920” LED machine.

It has a state-of-the-art ergonomic facial panel with 920 Extreme Super-Luminous LEDs providing 2 cell-specific wavelengths in the one panel.

This provides Red Light at 640nm and Blue Light at 425nm.

The Power of Blue Light

Used in PDT for Acne, the blue light induces a photdynamic reaction that destroys P-Acne bacteria to sterilise the sebaceous glands and  slow sebum production.

It is an effective choice for clients desiring a progressive, but non-invasive approach to  improving moderate-severe acne conditions.

The Power of Red Light

Red light induces a net increase in collagen formation and Extra-Cellular Matrix proteins, without damaging the epidermis, that

  • improve skin tone and texture,
  • reduce pore size, and
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Both aging skin and post-PDT acne skin can respond to red light resulting in rejuvenation due to
  • improved mitochondrial function,
  • increased fibroblast production, which leads to
  • increased collagen synthesis, particularly in the dermis, and
  • increased elastin deposition to improve skin elasticity and resilience
At Newin Institute, we can alternate your PDT-Blue Light Acne treatment with sessions of Red light treatment for
  • skin recovery (reduce redness)
  • skin and wound healing
  • skin rejuvenation
  • improved blood circulation and nutrition to the treated area
Speak to us today about a PDT Acne Treatment package that incorporates the benefits of Red Light.