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Muscle Relaxants


What are Muscle Relaxant Injections?


The product is a purified protein toxin (Botulinum Toxin) that is injected into certain hyperactive facial muscles and relaxes them. It results in a ‘softening’ of the treated areas; resulting in a fresher and more youthful appearance.

How does it work? 
The injections temporarily stop the nerves which supply the facial muscles from contracting strongly.
The effect can last 4-6 months; depending upon the product used; the doses used; the area treated; and whether you have previously had treatment.

How is the procedure performed? 
After assessment by our clinicians, the risks; benefits; side effects; limitations as well as indications of treatment are discussed. No anaesthetic is required; however the area to be treated can have ice applied to it for a few minutes prior to the injections being performed. The treatment takes around 10-15 minutes to perform.

Are there side effects?
Generally there are none. However, some possible side effects can include bruising; stinging; and slight redness at sight of injection. Headaches can occasionally occur and a sense of heaviness may occur in the treated area. These side effects generally resolve within a few days.

Generally, normal activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

How long before treatment starts working? 
You may notice decrease movement of muscles and less ‘wrinkles’ after 4-5 days, however, it can take up to 14 days for the full effect to occur.

After your first treatment we will review you after 14 days to ensure effective treatment. Any areas that are not adequately treated can be re-injected at this time.

How long does the treatment last? 
Generally the effects of treatment last around 3-6 months. You will notice the lines/wrinkles that previously existed slowly re-appearing. It is possible to undergo further treatment at this time.

Are there any contraindications?
You should not undergo this treatment if you:
• Are pregnant or breast feeding;
• Have an allergy to eggs and albumin

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